Jun 5, 2012

Around the World: The Biggest McMenu, Part Seven

We start off Part Seven of our look at "Mc-" menu items from McDonald's restaurants all over the world with something you might remember -- the McSalad Shaker!

It came out here back in 2000 and was basically a salad in a cup so that you could just add dressing and shake it for even coverage. They didn't work out so great and were discontinued, but apparently, you can still get them in the Netherlands. They're available with ham and chicken or tuna.

Also in the Netherlands, there's the McKroket... as in croquette:

The McKroket's (McCroquette) main feature is a deep-fried croquette patty filled with beef ragout, which is stewed beef. It's served simply with Dijon mustard.

Something they seem to serve in many countries all over the world, but not here (yet) is the McWrap:

There are variations for different regions such as the Veggie, Classic, and Bacon that were recently introduced in South America. They have them out in Europe as well.

Chicken wings aren't that uncommon at McDonald's restaurants outside the U.S. A few of them even serve up McWings like these from Hong Kong:

And these in Singapore:

I wonder how they compare to KFC's Hot Wings...

There are a lot of chicken sandwiches available at McDonald's, but this one in particular goes by quite a few different names:

In Pakistan, it's called the Spicy McCrispy Chicken where it feature battered and fried thigh meat along with the standard lettuce and mayo.

In Malaysia, the same sandwich (except with a cornmeal dusted bun instead of sesame) is called the Spicy Chicken McDeluxe and it feature the worse promotional food photo I've ever seen:

It's not even stacked straight!

Out in India, they call it the McSpicy Chicken:

Regardless of the name, it sounds pretty good.

Until next time!

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  1. Its interesting that most of the chicken sandwiches are thigh meat, while most of them in the USA are white meat.

    Also, I had to look up what a croquette was.

  2. I'd be suprised if they offer the veggie when/if they bring the McWrap to the US. Would be nice though as I like hard boiled eggs but can't even get them on salads in fast food.

  3. Yeah, white meat is more the preference here in the U.S. but thigh meat has more flavor and tends to be juicy.

    Ah, I guess I should have included a wikipedia link for croquette. I will do it now!

  4. Yeah, they used to do chef's salads with hard boiled egg, but they discontinued those a while ago.


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