Jun 21, 2012

Neat! McDonald's - A Look at Why the Food Always Looks Better in Ads

If you've ever wondered why the food in the pictures at McDonald's (and about everywhere else) looks so good in the pictures and not so much like the pictures when you order it, McDonald's Canada has an answer for you. Food stylists! Also, it takes several hours to make the burger in the picture and about a minute to make the one you just ordered.

Through a combination of careful and selective assembly (plus a blow dryer), staging, and a little bit of Photoshop (just like the models on magazine covers!), the folks at Watt International put together the picture perfect Quarter Pounder.

On a side note, this is the first time I've ever heard a person speak with a Canadian accent that wasn't a caricature on TV. Aboot! I think it's more certain regions of Canada that they speak like that though. Aboot! Aboot! Sorry, I'll stop now.

is Caring


  1. Watch HGTV. Holmes on Holmes, Property Virgins, Income Property and For Rent are all shot mostly in Canada with Canadian hosts. Good idea how the accent comes through.

  2. Years ago I was attending the National Tractor Pull in Bowling Green, Ohio.  I live only 30 minutes from Bowling Green in Northwest Ohio.

    I chatted with fans sitting next to me and asked them if they were from Canada.  They were somewhat shocked and asked me how I knew they were from Canada.  I said I noticed their accent.

    Their response was,  "We don't have and accent!  You do.  You sound like you're from the South."

    So to them I must have sounded like I was from the hills of Tennessee even though I'm up from north near Toledo.

  3. But then I'd have to watch HGTV :D

  4. I grew up in southern California. I wonder how I would sound to a Canadian... my cousins in Australia say I don't really sound like anything i.e. no accent.

  5. Oot and aboot!!! :-P sorry, HAD to do it!

  6. Oot and aboot!!! :-P sorry, HAD to do it!

  7. P.S Didn't mean to do it twice though... That's just android's browser acting dumb...

  8. Haha nice. I'd recommend a show called Shark Tank, I believe it's on ABC... it's definitely one of the major networks. Two of the regular "Sharks" are Canadian. Their accent isn't extremely strong, but you can pick up on it when they say words like "process"... long o instead of short o in that case.

  9. Thanks. Maybe I'll check it out.


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