Jun 16, 2012

Neat! Guerrero Fresh Hot Tortillas Display

I saw one of these at one of my local small chain supermarkets. It's a warm tortilla display! Promising fresh hot tortillas, the inside is a combination warmer/humidifer to keep the tortillas at just the right temperature.

I opened the lid to get a whiff and out wafted the aroma of fresh, hot corn tortilla goodness.  With the bags made of some sort of paper product, I would guess these are made for immediate consumption.

Promising traditional and freshly-made tortillas, I'd guess they restock these daily. It's only 99 cents a bag on sale too! Neat right?!


  1. Hi! In which market did you find this display? It looks great, have you seen similar ones?

  2. I saw this in a Super A, but I've also noticed them at Ralph's.

  3. It is Great Great! Which kind of warmer/humidifier do they use? Is it electric?

  4. I'm pretty sure it has to be electric. I can't imagine them running a gas line down the aisle to one of these.


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