Jun 11, 2012

Review: Hodad's - Chocolate Malt Shake

The Hodad's Chocolate Malt Shake is your classic shake with chocolate ice cream, milk, malt powder, and chocolate syrup.

The malt shake comes in a roughly 20-ounce cup for an even $5 ($4.75 without malt).

If you like your chocolate shakes thick and rich, Hodad's offers a chilly mix that tastes like chocolate ice cream with just a small amount of milk. The chocolate is rich and defined by a deep dark chocolate note. The texture is thick (but not too thick!), smooth, and creamy. It seems like more than a few scoops of ice cream to make each shake.

The malt powder is cheap at 25 cents extra, but I couldn't really taste any of it in my shake. I taste the powder alone and there's not much flavor to it. I'm not sure if the chocolate syrup is just for decoration on top or if it contributes to the chocolate flavor of the shake. Either way, the chocolate shake was delicious!

If you're any fan of chocolate milkshakes, Hodad's version won't disappoint.

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  1. Well it's technically just called a "malt" instead of a malt shake if there is malted in it. Hard to find them anymore and no one ever uses enough malt! WTF with them not even mixing it in though, yuck.


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