Jun 16, 2012

Around the World: The Biggest McMenu, Part Eight

Here it is! Part 8 of the Biggest McMenu taking a look at some of the "Mc"-menu items on McDonald's restaurants around the world. You may have had muesli for breakfast before, but unless you're in Slovenia, you haven't had McMuesli! Oh no they didn't! Oh yes they did!

Looking at it, it's actually a parfait with yogurt, fruit, and muesli. It's pretty much the Fruit 'N Yogurt Parfait no?

But how about the McColosso McDonald's has out in Brazil? It's big waffle cone filled with McDonald's vanilla soft serve, hot fudge syrup, and a flute wafer cookie.

For something a bit more familar there's the McSwirl out in India. Yes, it's a McDonald's soft serve ice cream cone. Er, I guess they get the pointy cones so there's that... And, it's available chocolate-dipped... Moving along...

Across the danger-fraught border, in Pakistan, they also have the McSwirl, but with flavored syrups swirled in. I saw the same thing at some Hong Kong McDonald's while on The Asia Trip a while back, but didn't end up trying it (shameful I know...). There looks to be quite a variety. Don't book your plane tickets yet though, it looks to be only for a limited time.

For a more fizzy dessert, out in the Philippines, McDonald's pours Sprite McFloats. They're available in Honey Banana, Green Apple, Four Seasons (it's orange colored, but I have no idea what flavor it is), and Blueberry. There's also a Coke Float. Seems easy enough to do here in the States. Just order a soda, fill it 3/4 full, and plop your soft serve cone into it.

For savory snacking, McDonald's Turkey has McDippers which is basically their version of Chicken Selects.

Beyond the standard dipping sauces, they recently added a new garlic mayo sauce.

Finally, back to India where they have the Veg Pizza McPuff:

Looks like a bit like a Hot Pocket or a giant Totino's Pizza Roll, no? The Veg Pizza McPuff has beans, carrots, and peas though... sounds more like pot pie filling. The shell looks a bit like an orange tortilla to me.

And so ends Part Eight of the Biggest McMenu. Next time, the Part Nine: The End!

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  1. Nick RovazziniMonday, June 18, 2012

    The mcswirl look like the flavor burst soft serve you can get from most ice cream places around the country.

  2. Yeah, I'm pretty sure that's exactly what they are.

  3. Thanks for doing these!  I love seeing what different fast food items they have around the world.  Are you planning on doing other restaurants as well?

  4. I had a McPita in Greece (basically McDonald's version of a gyro). They also had a McPork sandwich on the menu. This was 5 years ago.

  5. A while back (last Easter) I went to the Philippines and I noticed the Sprite floats. Coincidentally, I tried the Four Seasons, which had no flavoring other than the Sprite.

  6. That's kinda disappointing... food coloring in Sprite...


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