Jun 27, 2012

News: Starbucks Testing Frozt as Non-dairy Frappuccino Alternative

Starbucks is testing a non-dairy version of the ice-blended Frappuccino this summer at select locations in San Jose, Dallas, and Atlanta.

Calling the test concoctions Frappuccino Frozt (pronounced "frostie" apparently hmm, getting differing reports on the interwebs, could be "frost" or "frozed"), they're available in two flavors: Pink Lime and Coconut Lime.

Pink Lime is described as a "fruity lemonade" and Coconut Lime as a "tropical pina colada." They're being marketed as a fruity-tropical, refreshing, icy beverage for the summer.

If the test goes well, I suspect you'll see them nationally next summer. For this summer though, you can expect to see handcrafted version of Starbucks Refreshers in Starbucks stores nationally. I tried the Berry Hibiscus Refresher last year when they were testing it out here. You can check out that review here.

Nutritional info not available.

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