Jun 14, 2012

Neat! 2.5 Minute Made-from-Scratch Pizza Vending Machines Coming to U.S.

Behold! The promise of fast, freshly-made pizza... from a vending machine?! Let's Pizza, a vending machine that makes pizza from scratch in 2.5 minutes is coming to the U.S. Specifically the machine mixes dough and water into a pizza crust, sauces and tops it, before cooking it in a speedy infra-red oven.

If the machine can turn out something good (or even decent), it'd be pretty nifty. Apparently, they do well in Europe, especially Italy.

Each machine contains ingredients for 200 pizzas and can turn out up to four varieties of 10.5-inch pizzas at a suggested retail of $5.95. The draw here is time and convenience since the machines can be put anywhere there's space and can be plugged into a standard outlet.

There's also a professional model for high volumes (like for theme parks) that can be operated in a kitchen with one push-button operation and can make more pizzas per hour.

Let's Pizza is being distributed in the U.S. by A1 Concepts.

Here's a video of Let's Pizza at work:


  1. I envision invasions of ants, cockroaches and other hungry critters such as spiders who will feast upon the critters arriving to eat the  residue from the pizza-making process.

  2. Yum! I can't wait

  3. Interesting..I'm waiting for eat...

  4. I am sorry but I do not see how this can ever be sanitary, from airborne decease to kids shoving boogers in the cracks.


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