Jun 21, 2012

News: Panda Express - Free Orange Chicken This Friday

Panda Express is once again giving away free single serving of their trademark Orange Chicken, for the second time this month, tomorrow, Friday, June 22 after 9pm.

The freebie serves to highlight Panda's extended summer hours with a serving of their most popular item, as well as helping to mark the beginning of summer.

The coupon can be printed out here. Panda Express' extended summer hours will be in effect through Labor Day (September 4).


  1. When properly prepared I have been consistently enamored with lemon chicken.

    Sadly, the vast majority of vendors use some lame mix that tastes obnoxious compared to the few lemon chicken purveyors who use their own recipe.

    Here atop the cultural backwater of the Ozark Plateau where Red Lobster is often viewed as the epitome of food preparation Chinese-type vittles are prepared in a manner suggesting the food assemblers are unfamiliar with Chinese-type foods and cooking in general.


    Not surprising there are so many fast-food joints hereabouts.

    Considering the same quality of grub output from them is as good or even better than the fare at sit-down food joints costing immensely more.

  2. I can't disagree with what you're saying... but free food is hard to complain about too. If I had a Panda Express down the block from me, I'd definitely get this, why not?


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