Jun 5, 2012

News: Papa Murphy's Wants You to Grill Your Pizza

Papa Murphy's is marketing their pizzas as "Take 'N Grill" pizzas this summer as people take to the great outdoors and get their grill on.

Want pizza at your next camp outing? Papa Murphy's has you covered with detailed instructions on their website here (Pro tip: don't put your pizza directly on the grill). The instructions cover gas, charcoal, and wood pellet grills.

Papa Murphy's is also holding a "Take 'N' Grill Giveaway" promotion on their Facebook page. The giveaway includes daily prize packs and one grand prize that includes a Weber Grill and $100 Papa Murphy's gift card. Details are available on the Papa Murphy Facebook page as well.

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  1. Holy Smokes,Good Pizza,Try putting it on the grill!


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