Jun 11, 2012

News: Del Taco - New Cheddar Potato Poppers

Del Taco is bringing the heat this summer with new Cheddar Potato Poppers. Similar to jalapenos poppers, the new Cheddar Potato Poppers are instead mostly potato featuring a battered and deep fried blend of potatoes and cheese with bits of jalapeno peppers thrown in for a little bit of heat.

Del Taco is selling these in an order of four for $1.79 and in a six-piece order for $2.49.

Would you got for the new Cheddar Potato Poppers or would you rather get regular jalapeno poppers from somewhere else?

Nutritional info not available.


  1. Too bad they don't list the poppers on their nutrition menu. Until it does, I won't eat them, as I'm allergic to wheat and the poppers are probably loaded with it. 

  2. Probably a good bet with the breading and all.

  3. I tried them today and they are delicious!!

  4. I want to know where I can buy potato poppers and why my store no longer has them? in Huntington Beach on Brookhurst.

  5. This post is from a year ago. These poppers may have just been a limited-time offer.


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