Jun 25, 2012

News: Church's Chicken - Two New Dipping Sauces

Church's Chicken is out with two new dipping sauces for their Chicken Strips: Smoky Honey Mustard and Purple Pepper. Smoky Honey Mustard is a blend of honey mustard and barbecue sauce to supply the "smoky" bit. Purple Pepper promises a "perfect blend of heat and sweet." I'm guessing the purple pepper means purple bell pepper, but they could also be purple hot peppers like these.

The sauces join Church's existing sauce line up which consists of Creamy Jalapeno, BBQ, Honey Mustard, and Ranch.


  1. It's July 6th and the church's in our area said the new sauces were for a limited time and it was over. How long did it last?

  2. I think they first announced it in June? There wasn't any mention of it being for a limited time but sometimes they don't say. I guess if it's gone at your local location, it was around for a month maybe?

  3. is the purple pepper sauce gone or is it still around ?its the reason i eat there

  4. It's still being pushed on their Facebook, but it looks like some locations have already stopped having them.


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