Jun 28, 2012

News: Red Robin Really Brings the Heat with Ghost Peppers

For those of you who love the heat (or hate your tongue), Red Robin has a nice surprise for you with two new burger styles that incorporate ghost peppers, one of the world's hottest chili peppers.

For a buck more from the standard $6.99 of a Tavern Double (includes Bottomless Steak Fries), you can choose to melt your mouth with either Fiery Ghost Style or Cry Baby Style. If you're looking for a bigger burger, it's also a $1 upcharge on the Big Tavern.

Fiery Ghost Style incorporates a ghost pepper sauce and pairs it with fresh and fried jalapenos plus pepper jack cheese for good measure.

Cry Baby Style gives you lots of onions with crispy onions straws tossed in a dry Sriracha seasoning (I've only had it as a sauce; it's spicy!) as well as sauteed onions cooked in Cholula Hot Sauce (I've tried this as well; medium heat, nice flavor). In addition to the onions, there's ghost pepper ketchup (of course) and pepper jack cheese.

Red Robin's Tavern Double comes with two flame-grilled patties, lettuce, and tomato on a sesame seed bun and can already be customized quite a bit beyond the burger "styles." Other available Tavern Double styles include the Pig Out, Cantina Jack, and Buzzalo. They're all available for a limited-time at Red Robin.


  1. If the ghost pepper burger is anything like Mrs. Renfro's ghost pepper salsa=heat fail. Whatever happened to foods advertised as spicy actually being spicy?

  2. I tried the Pig Our Style today
    What a totla waste of time. My burger arrived at my table with one SMALL piece of bacon folded over. REALLY!!!!
    When I asked the server and manager about this, I was told that this is the right PORTION of bacon.
    I was expecting a generous amount of bacon.
    I really cannot believe they are so far off on this, since everything else I have tried there has been great.
    Needless to say, I did not bother to eat this disapointment...

  3. Yeah...tried it today...the heat was a failure...


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