Jun 23, 2012

Review: Costco - Combination Pizza

For those of you who don't know, most Costco warehouse stores sport a food court and one of the best sellers is pizzas offered in your choice of cheese, pepperoni, or combination for $9.95.

I picked up a Combination Pizza, sometimes called a "supreme' at other pizzerias, which is topped with a fairly standard mix of pepperoni, bell peppers, onions, olives, sausage, and mushrooms.

The wait at my super busy Costco is always pretty long. It actually took me over a half an hour to get my pizza and some people had been waiting over 45 minutes. Even the people who had called and ordered ahead ended up waiting. My local Costco is a zoo on the weekends especially.

Each pizza is a good 18" compared to the 14" large pizzas at Domino's or Pizza Hut. You don't even have to be a member to access the food court! You can even call and order in advance while you're shopping or waiting in-line to check out. They even have phones by the check out lines.

So the good... Lots of fresh veggies. Plenty of cheese. The sauce is balanced and slightly herby. The pepperoni and sausage carry a good flavor and the sausage comes in good-sized chunks.

The not so good... the crust is a bit gummy and soft. The end crust is satisfyingly thick, but there's not a trace of crispness to be found. Fortunately, Costco Pizza warms up really nicely in the toaster oven which adds a thin, crispy layer to the crust and tastes much better. Yeah, Costco' toasted cold pizza is better than Costco's fresh hot pizza. Go figure.

Overall, Costco's Combination Pizza is probably the best pizza bang for your buck in most neighborhoods and is pretty good, but hindered by a lack of crispiness.

Nutritional info not available.


  1. Yet another outstanding review accompanied by excellent pictures that lead to delightful drooling.

    As with Jack in the Box and so many other nation-wide firms there is nary a Costco to be found here atop the cultural backwater of the Ozark Plateau.

    We do have a couple Sam's Clubs that usually receive inferior consumer ratings compared to the ratings Costco receives.

    The pizza does look yummy and if a little extra heating is needed... so be it.


  2. A guy who loves pizzaSaturday, June 23, 2012

    A buddy and I would go to CostCo and share a combination pizza after school once a week for awhile in high school. Cheap lunch and tons of food if you didn't eat that day during your actual lunch break. You could also inhale it as fast as your heart desires without worrying about looking like a pig to that girl you were trying to mack on.

    Of course it doesn't stand up to local pizzerias but at ten dollars, it's a good deal. It gets too much hate.

  3. I find even places like Dominos has kinda soggy pizza so whenever I get one, I'll leave it on a med-hot skilled for a few minutes to crisp up before having it. 

  4. Haha, yeah. How can you hate an 18" pie for 10 bucks?! $1 Churros!

  5. We found Costco pie to be highly enjoyable "bad" pizza. Here's our review:

  6. Any worries for someone with peanut allergies?

  7. I wouldn't think so, but I think your best bet is to ask them before ordering.


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