Jun 4, 2012

News: Popeyes - New Sweet Peach Ice Tea and Southern Peach Pie

Where other chains might be going with strawberries or lemons this summer, Popeyes goes straight for the peach with their new Cane Sweet (er "Sweeeeet") Peach Iced Tea and Southern Peach Pie.

The Peach Iced Tea is brewed like Popeyes' regular Sweet Iced Tea with a blend of black and orange pekoe tea, but with added peach flavor. It's brewed fresh daily and made with cane sugar.

For those of you missing your McDonald's Peach Pie, looks like you can get your fix at Popeyes this summer. Popeyes Southern Peach Pie is made with peach pieces accentuated with nutmeg and cinnamon. It's deep fried to boot!
Both items will be available through the end of August (while supplies last).

Nutritional info not available.


  1. is the cane peach ice tea sold by the gallon or cup? how much?
    how much for the peach pie?

  2. You can get the Peach Iced Tea both by the gallon and the cup. Prices vary, but I think my local Popeyes has it by the cup about $1 to $2 and by the gallon for about $5. The pies are around $1.

  3. thank you. i think it may be easier to buy cane sugar, peaches, and make my own tea(already have tea bags). I may get a $1 cup for comparison.

  4. Popeye's peach ice tea is ridiculously good. As of Late September, they still offer it.


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