Jun 9, 2012

News: Southern California McDonald's - McCafe Rewards Card

Southern California McDonald's restaurants are doing a neat customer loyalty promotion this summer: they're offering a McCafe Rewards Card with any size cold McCafe beverage you buy (they're stuck onto the cup). Each McCafe Rewards Card comes with a 1 point sticker. Once you collect 4 stickers (i.e. 4 points), you can redeem them by sticking them on the back of a McCafe Rewards and turning it in for a free McCafe drink of any size.

The card is good at participating locations in Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, San Bernardino, Ventura, and Kern counties and expire 10/31/12. I'm guessing their stop giving out the cards by the end of summer though. It look other markets are also running the promotion although the terms seem to vary (like you only get a Rewards Card for medium or large McCafe purchases and what not)

Note: After you redeem your first 4 stickers, it's actually buy 3 drinks, get 1 free since the free drink also comes with a sticker unless you get a hot McCafe beverage.

Also, southern California McDonald's restaurants are once again selling any size soft drink or sweet tea for $1 for the summer.

Other markets participating in the promo (if McDonald's is doing it in your area, feel free to comment and I'll add it to the list):



  1. They are doing it here in Tennessee as well.

  2. Well, that's a big F U to NYC mayor.

  3. Ohio has that too

  4. They've been doing a Rewards Card for quite a few months here in MI. It's only been on the hot McCafe drinks though and you need 5 stickers to fill each card.

  5. They started having this promotion a month or so ago. 
    On the coupon, it says: 
    "Collect (4) stickers from any size Cold McCafe Beverage.
    "Redeem filled card for one (1) FREE any size McCafe Beverage."
    This link shows the McCafe Beverages: 
    The promotion does not state that this promotion is for any specific type of McCafe Beverage. It does not say 'Only hot beverages' or 'only iced fruit beverages.' 
    I have asked several times which McCafe beverages were included. I was told 'ALL' McCafe Beverages were included.
    The promotion states this is good for one (1) any size any type McCafe Beverage. In my opinion, this includes 'shakes' as shakes are included as being a McCafe Beverage. 
    The promotion does not exclude any type of McCafe Beverage either. Therefore, shakes (chocolate, strawberry, vanilla) should be included.
    *point being, today, for the 1st time, I used one of these filled cards, requesting a chocolate shake. I was told by the cashier this was for hot or iced McCafe beverages. I asked her to double check (since I had already asked this on several occasions). The manager came to the window and stated that shakes were not included. I, again, read to her the promotion directly written on the card. The manager (or supervisor on duty) told me that shakes were not included, but this one time, she would let me have a shake.

    They are wrong... They should not/cannot do this. It is not written anywhere which McCafe Beverages are or are not included. This is false advertising. I want McDonald's to correct this error.
    A promotion can not say it was inferred or presumed to be only turned in for a hot McCafe Beverage or an iced McCafe Beverage.

    BAD MCDONALD'S ...! Shame on you ..!!!


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