Jul 6, 2013

Around the World: KFC Singapore's Latest Fried Chicken is Marinated in Tomatoes

In somewhat of a McDonald's-like move, KFC Singapore has launched a "Global Delights" line of fried chicken featuring flavors from all over world. First up? KFC Italian Crunch fried chicken.

The new flavor launched in June and will be offered through July 23. It features "tender chicken marinated with tomato and Italian herbs, cooked to crunchy perfection."

While tomato and herbs are hallmarks of Italian cuisine, combining them with fried chicken is something new and sounds pretty interesting.

A similar promotion is running in Hong Kong where KFC is offering Italiano Pizza Chicken. The flavors featured there seem to be tomato and cheese with Italian herbs.

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  1. I swear, foreign countries get all the interesting items! It sound like it'd be a pretty tasty flavor combination.


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