Jul 21, 2013

News: Nestle - Hot Pockets Relaunch

Nestle has upgraded their Hot Pockets line with better meats, new buttery seasoned crusts, and real cheese (as opposed to substitute cheese) as well as a limited-time money back guarantee. The change was brought about to better appeal to the more discerning Millennial generation.

According to the company, everything from the ingredients, the look, and the aroma, has been made over.

New meats include Angus Beef, Hickory Ham, Signature Pepperoni, and White Meat Chicken. The pizza varieties now sport a new garlic buttery (read: not actually butter) seasoned crust, while the deli sandwich flavors come with a new crispy buttery seasoned crust.

In blind taste tests, 3 out of 5 consumers "significantly preferred" the new Pepperoni Hot Pockets over the prior version.

The money back guarantee applies to "New Recipe" Hot Pockets purchases made before November 15, 2013. Details (and a buy two, get one free coupon) can be found on the Hot Pocket website at

In addition to the product changes, the Nestle has tapped Food Network celebrity chef Jeff Mauro (of Sandwich King fame) as the new Hot Pocket spokesperson.

Sister brand Lean Pockets does not appear to be affected by the change.

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