Jul 2, 2013

News: Dairy Queen - July 2013 Blizzard of the Month

Dairy Queen is featuring the new Lemon Meringue Blizzard as their Blizzard of the Month for this July. The frozen treat consists of lemon meringue pie filling and crunchy pie pieces blended with vanilla soft serve and garnished with whipped topping.

Unlike the usual practice, this month's featured flavor is not available as part of a Blizzard Cake.

Also, the S'mores Blizzard continues its summer run with the taste of graham cookies, chocolate, and marshmallows in Blizzard form. A shake and frozen hot chocolate version is offered as well.

On the savory side of things, the $5 Buck Lunch deal is still being offered at participating locations. The deals consists of a choice of one of three entrees, fries, a drink, and sundae for $5.

Nutritional Info - Dairy Queen Lemon Meringue Blizzard - Small (335g)
Calories - 670 (from Fat - 230)
Fat - 26g (Saturated Fat - 19g)
Sodium - 280mg
Carbs - 101g (Sugar - 81g)
Protein - 11g


  1. I work at DQ and this blizzard is actually made with minute made lemonade concentrate, it's pretty gross.

  2. I guess that's part of their "lemon meringue pie filling"...

  3. Yes, concentrate, whipped topping, and pie crust all mixed up.

  4. I also work at DQ as a cake decorator and this is not being offered as an ice cream cake. But I might create one anyway, because I think it would make an awesome cake!

    It actually tastes great. It's also good with the graham crackers from last month's blizzard (S'Mores--another awesome blizzard).

  5. Ah, okay. I'll update the post. Thank you.

  6. stellabystarliteWednesday, July 31, 2013

    Minute Maid?


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