Jul 30, 2013

Review: Del Taco - Loaded Carnitas Fries

Del Taco's Loaded Carnitas Fries feature an order of crinkle-cut French fries topped with carnitas, shredded cheddar, chopped cilantro, onions, and a savory secret sauce.

An order cost me $3.49.

Del Taco's crinkle-cut fries are pretty average, but, with a bit more girth than most fast food fries, they hold up very well against any toppings and such was the case here. I liked that they were only lightly salted.

There was a decent amount of carnitas. The meat was a little dry but had an nicely seasoned, porky flavor that wasn't overly salty. It's a pretty good rendition for a fast food restaurant.

The shredded cheddar was fairly mild, but nicely melted. They gave me a lot of cilantro, which I know is a dealbreaker for some, but it wasn't actually that strong in flavor with just enough to add nuance. There wasn't much in the way of onions.

The secret sauce (which seems to be a mayo variant) along with the carnitas, did the bulk of the work in the flavor department and I enjoyed the result quite a bit.

Overall, Del Taco's Loaded Carnitas Fries weren't really "loaded," but they were still pretty tasty and I'd get them again. I would point out that like other types of topped fries (and nachos), the bottom fries were largely untouched and you may wish to mix them up a bit so you're not just eating plain fries.

Nutritional info not available.


  1. O.o Damn that looks good. =)

  2. I wish there were more Del Taco's where I live, this looks really good for the price. Del Taco is an interesting place... they have such a large variety, they're generally open all night, and most of the stuff is very hit-or-miss to me. It's almost like Jack in the Box haha :)

  3. Yeah, but with like the opposite menu with mostly Mexican food but also burgers and fries whereas Jack in the Box is mostly burgers and fries and then the odd tacos.


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