Jul 16, 2013

News: Wienerschnitzel - 15 Cent Hot Dogs on July 21

Wienerschnitzel is spooling up the wayback machine and returning their hot dog prices to 1961 on this Sunday, July 21 (well, on three of their hot dogs anyway). Back then hot dogs were sold at 15 cents a pop and that's how much they'll be offered for this Sunday, but limited to only one per customer.

The promotion runs all day on Sunday, July 21 and customers will be able to choose from an Original Chili, Mustard, or Kraut Dog for a discounted price of 15 cents at participating Wienerschnitzel locations.

The hot dogs normally go for $1 to $1.50 varying with location.


  1. we had an ad for 61 cents per limit...

  2. The local Wienerschnitzel actually still looks like that, save for the missing "Der Wienerschnitzel" across the top.


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