Jul 25, 2013

Around the World: KFC Japan Offers Hand-held Ice Cream Makers

In what may be one of the coolest promotions (pun intended) this summer, starting today, KFC Japan is offering a free One Piece-branded, hand-crank, hand-held ice cream maker with the purchase of select combo meals.

One Piece is a popular animation (anime) and comic (manga) over in Japan with some cult popularity here in the US. The KFC-One Piece ice cream makers come in three varieties: two featuring one of two main characters from the series (Luffy and Chopper) and one featuring the pirate crew upon which the series focuses.

It's like you can eat fried chicken and then make your own ice cream for dessert (although you'll have to get the ingredients yourself).

Prices for the combos range from 980 yen (~$9.92 US) to 1430 yen (~$14.49 US).


  1. Awesome until find your own ingredients...

  2. Haha, it's not too bad, just milk, sugar, an egg yolk, ice, and salt. You probably want to throw some sort of flavor in there as well.


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