Jul 11, 2013

News: Subway - New Greek Yogurt Parfait

Subway updates their yogurt parfait and jumps on a trend by switching from Dannon yogurt to new YoCrunch Yopa Greek Yogurt Parfaits.

The new available side features nonfat Greek yogurt with strawberries and nine whole grain granola. In case you're wondering, the nine whole grains are oats, barley, white wheat, rye, triticale, spelt, brown rice, millet, and buckwheat.

If the yogurt looks familiar to you, like the bulk of Subway's chip selection, it's the same stuff you can find at the supermarket.

Speaking of chips, Subway is also offering Cheddar and Sour Cream Baked Ruffles for a limited time at participating locations.

Nutritional Info - Subway YoCrunch  Yopa! Greek Strawberry Yogurt Parfait (150g)
Calories - 190 (from Fat - 20)
Fat - 2g (Saturated Fat - 0g)
Sodium - 100mg
Carbs - 29g (Sugar - 18g)
Protein - 13g

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