Jul 26, 2013

News: Popeyes - New Chicken Waffle Tenders

Starting Monday, July 29, Popeyes will offer a variation on chicken and waffles by offering them together with new Chicken Waffle Tenders for a limited time.

The new Chicken Waffle Tenders differ from Popeyes' regular Handcrafted Tenders in that they are covered in a "unique and crispy waffle-style coating." The chicken breast strips marinated in Louisiana spices remain the same.

To promote the newest offering, Popeyes will be offering three Chicken Waffle Tenders, along with Honey Maple dipping sauce, Cajun fries (or a side of your choice), and a biscuit for $4.99 (the drink in the picture will cost you extra).

The sweet and savory waffle-battered combination will only be available through August 25, 2013, although with Popeyes' success with annual limited-time offers, it's possible you'll see them again next year (or even later this year).

Nutritional info not available (Popeyes doesn't publish it for limited-time offers).

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  1. These are good, but the waffle batter overpowers any spice or saltiness of the chicken, which is needed. I actually had to add salt to my tenders to get that sweet/salty combination, which made them even better. And you can only get these tenders mild, not spicy, which kinda sucks. It's a great idea, the batter is great, but it needs a little more spice/salt after it comes out of the fryer for this to be a homerun.


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