Jul 21, 2013

Around the World: Subway's Toasties

If you walk into Subway looking for a more of a snack-sized sandwich here in the States, you might go for a kid-sized mini sub, or more likely, opt for a $5 Footlong cut into quarters because you can always save the rest for later. However, if you find yourself in the UK or India, you can also go for a Toastie at Subway; it's a toasted half of a six-inch bread loaf with set toppings and cheese.

In the UK, you can get the Pepperoni Pizza Toastie, which comes with pepperoni, marinara, and melted Monterey Jack and Cheddar cheese.

There's also the plain Cheese Toastie, which is just topped with shredded Monterey Jack and Cheddar cheese and then toasted.
Over in India, the Cheese Toastie comes with bell peppers, onions, jalapenos, and cheese, while the Pepperoni features lamb-based pepperoni and cheese, but lacks the sauce of the UK version. Subway recently introduced the same line up in the Philippines. Interestingly, the differing exchanges rates pegs the India version at around 50 cents, while the Philippine version of the same is around $1

With similar ingredients, I would guess you might be able to persuade your local Subway to make one of these for you, if you were so inclined.


  1. William CrabtreeWednesday, July 24, 2013

    I would like this here in the US. There are times I just want a snack size sandwich and don't want to spend $3.50 on a 6" sub that is not my favorite. So many choices!

  2. Yeah, it'd be pretty nice and wouldn't require any new ingredients or equipment.


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