Jul 7, 2013

Local Review: Cook's Tortas - Mojito Torta

Cook's Tortas is a Mexican-/Latin-inspired sandwich shop that serves up a variety of tortas on their own fresh-baked bread. The Mojito Torta is filled with roasted pork, garlic mojo sauce, and slow-cooked onions.

All tortas on the menu come with a side and are $8.59 each. I went with potato salad for the side and got a Watermelon Mint Aguas Frescas to drink.

The Mojito Torta is pretty simple in terms of flavor; it's intensely garlicky and porky. The onions add a bit of texture and sweetness.

The tortas at Cook's are maybe 10-inches in length and a bit narrow in width, but I find one half to be pretty filling and either share it or save the other half for later.

The bun is soft and chewy and a more than a little like a ciabatta roll. I'd prefer a little bit of a crust/toasting, but it's soft through and through.

There's plenty of pork. It's fork tender and flavorful. I do wish they included some of the edge pieces for that crispy charred crunch like you get at some barbecue joints.

The potato salad is pretty good with sizable red potato chunks, but is fairly heavy on mustard and dill, which might be off-putting for some.

The Watermelon Mint Aguas Frescas is perfect on a hot day. It's sweet, refreshing, and tinged with a hint of mint. It's pretty much sweet watermelon blended with mint, which is pretty great.

Overall, the Mojito Torta is definitely one for the meat-and-bun set. If you like pork and you like garlic, this one is for you. It's good, but I prefer one of the more varied tortas that Cook's offers (they offer about 20 different varieties on any given day).

Cook's Tortas
1944 S Atlantic Blvd.
Monterey Park, CA 91754
(323) 278-3536