Jul 12, 2013

Frozen Friday: Confetti Italian Ice & Custard

Confetti Italian Ice & Custard is a frozen dessert parlor out in Costa Mesa, CA, whose main dish is a parfait with multiple laters of Italian ice topped with frozen custard. The weekly special was Strawberry Lemonade, which consists of strawberry and lemon ice topped with lemon custard.

A small cup was $3.25. You can also get only custard for $3.50 or only Italian ice for $3.00.

The custard melted a bit faster than I expected; the tip was starting to melt from the onset, which is weird since one of the reasons for adding egg to ice cream is so that it stays colder longer. I was also expecting a richer, thicker texture, but it was similar to standard soft serve. Still, here's a mellow note of lemon without too much tang to it that I dig; it's refreshing.

The Italian ice was like densely-packed slushy snow. The strawberry had a nice flavor to it, but I have to warn that the lemon is very sour. I like sour so it was fine for me, although it tended to overpower the other elements of the parfait.

You might not think that creamy custard and slushy ice go well together, but it worked out pretty nicely with thoughtful flavor combinations and varying textures. I ended up enjoying Confetti's Strawberry Lemonade ice and custard parfait a great deal. Though I think a better play would be to just get strawberry ice with lemon custard for more measured doses of tanginess.

Confetti Italian Ice & Custard
1175 Baker St, Suite E-22, 
Costa Mesa, California 92626 
(714) 545-1175

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