Jul 7, 2013

Around the World: Pizza Hut Sri Lanka - Birizza

Over in Sri Lanka, Pizza Hut recently brought back the Birizza. What's a Birizza you ask? It's a portmanteau of biryani and pizza.

The dish is basically baked pizza dough placed over a serving of biriyani in a pot pie-like manner. Basically, it's not pizza at all and is closer to a calzone than anything.

Biryani is a South Asian spiced rice dish, usually with meat (usually chicken) but there are vegetarian versions as well. To say it plainly, it's kinda like curry spices cooked with rice instead of in liquid.

The dish is offered in a chicken or vegetarian version (which comes with cubes of paneer) for 260 rupees (~$1.98 US) with a crunchy onion sambol (salad) and spicy gravy on the side.

Here's a TV spot for Pizza Hut's Birizza:

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  1. The pizza crust on the top just looks like naan to me haha.


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