Jul 18, 2013

Review: Earl of Sandwich - The Original 1762 Roast Beef Sandwich

The Earl of Sandwich's Original 1762 is one of their Signature Hot Sandwiches and features freshly-baked artisan bread filled with roasted beef, sharp cheddar, and horseradish sauce.

Like most/all of their sandwiches, this one was $6.99.

The Earl of Sandwich is a sandwich chain started by a direct descendant of the original Earl of Sandwich for whom the dish is named.

The bread at the Earl of Sandwich is pretty interesting in that it is almost bleach white before the sandwich is made and is given a thorough toasting via a conveyor-belt Turbo Chef oven (a speedy brand of convection ovens).
The bread itself resembled a nicely browned brick (wrapped in gold foil) and is similar to extra-thick toast in crunch and feel. It held up very well to the generous amount of roast beef in the sandwich.

The roast beef retained the textured grain of meat and was tender (although to the point of mushiness in some slices). Unlike what you find at some fast food chains, it is decidedly not very salty for sandwich meat and its satisfying beefiness was on full display.
The cheese is fully melted and creamy but clearly overshadowed by the beef. I didn't really catch any of the sharp cheddar notes.

The horseradish sauce is more catered to mainstream tastes and doesn't quite deliver the trademark bite of horseradish. It's more creamy with hints of horseradish, touched with a bit of sweetness.
Overall, the Earl of Sandwich makes a fine roast beef sandwich in The Original 1762. It delivers on a wonderful and ample serving of roast beef and very nicely toasted bread. For the price, I really haven't found this much quality meat at a fast food or fast casual chain.


  1. Still having a hard time paying almost $10.00 for a stupid sandwich. What is this country coming too?

  2. almost $10 ?? where did you get that from? its $6.99 thats no where near $10 - and look at the size of it, its a meal more than a sandwich, and if you read the review its also top quality ingredients. if you cant afford to buy one then go back to subway, simple :-D

  3. When I lived in Orlando, we used to go there all the time - it was an easy choice for a tasty cheap meal! Glad to see they're expanding.


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