Jul 2, 2013

News: Wienerschitzel - New Blue Raspberry and Cotton Candy Dipped Cones

Wienerschnitzel is offering two new Dipped Cones this summer as well as a rainbow sprinkled cone.

The new dipped cones come in almost cartoonish shades of blue and pink representing the flavors of Blue Raspberry and Cotton Candy respectively.

The rainbow sprinkle cone is just an option to have rainbow sprinkles on top a basic vanilla soft serve cone.

The three new cones join Wienerschnitzel's existing line-up of plain soft serve cones and chocolate-dipped cones.

Wienerschnitzel has an ongoing promotion where a small dipped cone is offered at 99 cents on Wednesdays (edit 7/8/13: they changed it to Mondays).

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  1. I need these cotton candy dipped cones in my life! lol


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