Jul 17, 2013

News: Campbell's - New SpaghettiOs CheeseburgerOs flavor

Campbell's offers their first new SpaghettiOs flavor in over 20 years with cheeseburger-flavored CheeseburgerOs. The new flavor isn't actually that much of a marked departure from original SpaghettiOs with a cheeseburger-flavored meat sauce rather than the original's tomato and cheese sauce.

Interestingly, there have only been 2 other flavors of SpaghettiOs: PizzOs and CheesOs, which appeared in the '80s. But, there have been a number of variations including the currently available SpaghettiOs Meatballs and SpaghettiOs Sliced Franks. Also, some SpaghettiO varieties aren't 'O's at all and come in different shapes.

Cans of SpaghettiOs carry a suggested retail price range from $1.05 to $1.40 depending on the variety.

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