Jul 29, 2013

News: Domino's - 50% Off Any Pizza Ordered Online

Domino's is running a quick, limited-time deal starting today, where you can get any pizza at menu price for 50% off when you order online.

For reference, a quick look at my local Domino's menu gives the following prices on some commonly ordered pizzas (price may vary depending on where you live):

- $18 for a large Feast or American Legends pizza ($9 with discount)
- $8.99 for an Artisan pizza ($4.49 with discount)
- $12.24 for a 2-topping, medium Handmade Pan Pizza ($6.12 with discount)
- $11.24 for a 2-topping, medium hand-tossed pizza ($5.62 with discount)

The deal runs through Sunday, August 4, 2013, which is about a week from now.


  1. For reference, a "quick perusal" is a contradiction in terms.


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