Jul 31, 2013

Around the World: McDonald's Japan - Mexican Festival Burgers

McDonald's Japan is currently running a "Mexican Festival" campaign featuring three limited-time burgers with three different proteins. There's the Double Beef Salsa, the Chicken Salsa, and the Shrimp Salsa. As you may have guessed, the burgers each features a dollop of salsa, but also a spicy jalapeno cheese sauce.

The Double Beef Salsa also comes with two hamburger patties, lettuce, and a slice of cheese. The price of the sandwich ranges from 330 to 370 yen ($3.37 to $3.78 US).

The Chicken Salsa also includes a battered and deep-fried chicken filet and lettuce.  It comes in at 320 to 360 yen ($3.27 to $3.68 US)

Finally, the Shrimp Salsa also features a deep-fried breaded shrimp patty and lettuce in addition to the salsa and cheese sauce.

The campaign is tentatively slated to end sometime in August.


  1. And of all places in the world why does Japan get these? I've never been to Japan and I don't know the whole take on Mexican Cuisine down there, but come on whats up with these fast food chains are they smoking crack? I know they are trying to make the rest of the world fat like us but I think a product like this would be a hit here in the USA.

  2. Having lived in Japan, I can tell you that Mexican food is hard to come by. I went into a "foreign goods" store and found Ortega taco shells and it was kind of a big thing. It's not a popular cuisine there, unfortunately. As an Indian, anything spicy means automatic love!

  3. Formerly From TokyoThursday, August 08, 2013

    I miss Japan's teriyaki burger the most!

  4. not the shrimp one dude, I dont think people would like that shit.. and salsa on a mcdonalds burger.... hmm weird to me.. especailly if they used the same sala they package for there small packages of it. for the breakfast burritos.


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