Jul 8, 2013

Around the World: McDonald's Hong Kong - Summer Sauces and Drinks

From top to bottom: Honey Mustard, Singapore Curry,
Korean Chili, and Sesame Miso.
In a campaign they're calling "Amazing Summer Flavors," but what I am going to call "The Summer of Sauces and Drinks" McDonald's Hong Kong is offering four McNugget sauces and five dessert-type drinks on a very limited-time basis (only about a week or two).

For the sauces, McDonald's Hong Kong is currently offering Honey Mustard and Singapore Curry sauces through July 22, when they'll begin offering Korean Chili and Sesame Miso sauces.

On the drinks/dessert side, they're currently offering the Choconana (chocolate and banana) Cake McFlurry until July 15. Every week will switch out another beverage or dessert with Mango Sundaes on July 15, followed by Kumquat Green Tea Punch, Grape McFloats, and Black & White Coffee McFloats.

These are the type of promotions that would be nice to have in the US, but probably wouldn't fly due their short duration (we tend to want the things we like to stick around at least for a little while).

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  1. The sesame miso sauce sounds really good! If I had a chance, I'd definitely want to try that one. I can't believe how short a duration they're offering these items... talk about limited time offer.


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