Aug 6, 2013

Neat! Totino's Turns Elevator into Microwave

In a marketing stunt to highlight the quick microwave cook time of their popular Pizza Rolls, Totino's revamped the inside of an elevator to look like the outside of a microwave oven with a microwave touch pad in lieu of elevator buttons.

Once the occupants arrived at the designated floor 60 seconds later, the doors opened to reveal a room mocked up to look like the interior of the microwave occupied by waiting Totino's employees with trays of Pizza Rolls.

Of course, Totino's Pizza Rolls are best prepared in a pan in the same manner as their Party Pizzas, but I guess you can't really turn an elevator into a pan and the wait would be a little longer...

You can check out the Totino's microwave oven/elevator below:

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