Aug 4, 2013

Trend Watch: Burrissimo - Italian-Style Chipotle?

Burrissimo is a fast casual chain here in Southern California that opened for business last year. The food comes from a Chipotle-style quick assembly line but with a twist.  Instead of Mexican food, you get to assemble your own Italian entree.

Like Chipotle, you can choose from burritos, bowls, or salads (but not tacos) with your choice of protein, sauces, and toppings.  Their star entree is the Burrissimo Italian Burrito, which is interesting because instead of rice inside, you get angel hair pasta.  Yup, pasta inside of a burrito.

Protein choices include the standard steak and chicken, but also salmon and meatballs.

There are three sauces and seven dressing to choose from, as well as three cheeses, seven Italian specialty toppings (such as spicy beans, Italian corn, and ratatouille), and eight fresh vegetables.

To round it out, Burrissimo offers a few traditional Italian sides, including breadsticks, pepperoni rolls, soups, and zeppoles (Italian donuts served with a raspberry or vanilla dipping sauce).

Prices start at $6.49 for an entree and are comparable to other quick assembly restaurants.

Here's a video of how the concept works: