Aug 25, 2013

Around the World: Pizza Hut Singapore's Latest is Basically a Calzone Crust Pizza

Pizza Hut Singapore has a bit of a rep for coming up with some strange pizzas, so it's no surprise when their latest, the new Fully Loaded Pizza, essentially has a crust made up of mini-calzones filled with cream cheese, minced chicken, and spinach.

The cream cheese seems a substitute for the more traditional ricotta, but the rest seems pretty normal... well, besides being stuck onto the crust of a pizza.

The new pizza can be had with any toppings but the featured combination is the Tropical Hawaiian which comes with chicken chunks, chicken ham, pineapples, and bell peppers, plus what looks to be a trail of mayo zig-zagged across the pizza.

A 9" regular pizza can be had for $24.50 SG (~$19.17 US) and a 12" large will set you back $31.50 SG (~$24.64 US).


  1. Looks delicious but my goodness is that expensive!

  2. in singapore, 1 in 6 is a millionaire


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