Aug 15, 2013

News: Starbucks Testing Handcrafted Sodas

Starbucks is trying new Handcrafted Sodas as a test out in Austin and Atlanta. "Handcrafted" is the term Starbucks uses for drink they make as opposed to the bottled drinks available in their refrigerated displays.

The kicker here is that Starbucks is using a machine to add carbonation to the drinks so that you can ask them to adjust the level of fizz to your liking.

As such, in addition to the new flavors of Golden Ginger Ale, Lemon Ale, and Spiced Root Beer, they're also offering sparkling versions of their Refreshers and Shaken Iced Tea (I'm a bit curious to see if they'll also let you carbonate your coffee...).

They're also testing out a Cold Foam Mocha in Nashville according to StarbucksMelody. The drink's main feature is a cold foam (I'm guessing made of milk) jetted out of whipped cream canisters. The purported effect would be to achieve the velvety foam of a latte but in an ice-cold beverage.

Update 8/16/13: Apparently, there's a commercial coffee machine that can also produce cold milk foam and steamed foam plus a slew of drinks to serve it with. It's called, aptly enough, the "FoamMaster" and is manufactured by Franke.

Photo: Starbucks

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