Aug 8, 2013

Review: Popeyes - Chicken Po' Boy

Popeyes' Chicken Po' Boy consists of two chicken tenders (spicy or mild, I chose spicy), shredded lettuce, pickles, and mayo on a French baguette. A shrimp version is also available.

I picked one up from my local Popeyes for $3.99.

The "po' boy" or "poor boy" is a traditional submarine sandwich with Louisiana origins, which puts it right in Popeye's wheelhouse.

Popeyes' version is a good-sized sandwich and, with freshly-fried tenders, came to me piping hot. The tenders filled the Po' Boy well enough so that I got a good bit of crunchy, spicy chicken in every bite.

The mayo was applied lightly, for which I was grateful; there was just enough to taste and it went well with the tangy bite of the pretty standard pickles.

The bread wasn't quite crusty enough for my liking and was mostly soft and chewy.

Still, overall, I quite liked Popeyes' Chicken Po' Boy. The simple combination of fried chicken, mayo, and lettuce on bread is a common one, but was executed very nicely here.

Nutritional Info - Popeyes Chicken Po' Boy (635g)
Calories - 660 (from Fat - 310)
Fat - 34g (Saturated Fat - 9g)
Sodium - 2120mg
Carbs - 61g (Sugar - 3g)
Protein - 31g


  1. Out of all the chicken sandwiches you've had, which is the best you've had? Including the burger places like carls.

  2. Chick-fil-A definitely. They're tasty as well as consistently juicy and crunchy.

  3. I've tried almost all of them, with the Original BK chicken sandwich being my favorite since I was young, but never tried Chick-fil-A. Most of my friends agree with you though so I gotta try it.

    Thanks for the reply.


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