Aug 10, 2013

News: Olive Garden - Never Ending Pasta Bowl Returns

The Olive Garden is once again offering the Never Ending Pasta Bowl for a limited time. Under the deal, you can get unlimited soup, salad, breadsticks, and pasta bowls for $9.99.

The mix-and-match pasta selection includes seven pastas and six made-from-scratch sauces.

The pasta choices are: new Cavatappi Corkscrew, Spaghetti, Whole Wheat Linguine, Linguine, Fettuccine, Penne, and Angel Hair.

The available sauces are: new Asiago Garlic Alfredo, new Sausage Pomodoro, Marinara, Five Cheese Marinara, Alfredo, and Meat Sauce.

For an extra $2.99, an unlimited amount of meatballs, Italian sausage, or new Chicken Fritta can be added.

The promotion runs through September 29, 2013.


  1. So this didn't do it for me. The chicken fritta replaces the grilled chicken breast and it's not good.

  2. It's all crap and there not made from scratch its comes in a base and you hear it up its all infected with gmos and the workers don't care if they drop your food and send it out the mangers are all douche bags and mostly everything is frozen and microwaved so yea go eat there freaking food stuff your faces so there will be less to feed in the future cause you'll all be dead from eating all that shit

  3. and you are an idiot the chicken fritta is great best thing they make and i go to olive garden 1 a month at least

  4. I just came back from Olive Garden in NYC and was told by the server that Endless Pasta Bowl was ended today on Friday the 27th. Can someone confirm this?

  5. TheForgottenTimeZoneMonday, September 30, 2013

    Normally, most OG promotions end at the close of business on Sunday. However, the NYC market is unique among most chains (for a variety of reasons) and it could very well have ended there earlier.

    For the record, whatever promotion they were doing around Mothers Day was not actually being honored on Mothers Day itself at some locations. Perhaps local or regional management has the authority to suspend or alter some promotions.

  6. It did end yesterday here in wichita ks

  7. Im also mad to dnt worry cuz I didnt even make it in time :-(


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