Aug 30, 2013

News: KFC - 6-Piece Deal for $9.99

KFC's latest family meal promotion is the 6-Piece Deal for $9.99. The sales pitch is that you can feed your family for under $10 (well, as long as you have a small family).

The meal includes 6 pieces of chicken (mixed), 1 large side, and 3 biscuits and is available at participating KFC locations. There's an extra charge if you want to substitute in breast pieces or KFC Boneless chicken.

They're also still offering the 6-piece Hot Shot combo with 6 new Hot Shot Bites, an individual side, and a drink for $3.99.

Here's the TV spot pushing the 6-Piece Deal:


  1. umm Im seriously thinking about hitting that up with a 6 piece boneless and wedges for my lunch tomorrow great deal

  2. Six pieces of fried chicken for lunch!?


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