Aug 26, 2013

Review: Little Caesars - Stuffed Crust Pizza

Little Caesars' Stuffed Crust Pizza is an option at some Little Caesars locations and features a hand-tossed pizza with a sizably thick crust filled with cheese for $8.99.

There's also an option to "crazy crust it," where you can have them brush the crust with a garlic butter-flavored spread ("buttery flavor") and sprinkle on a generous amount of parmesan cheese in the same fashion as their Crazy Bread.

I ordered one with sausage and was offered the crazy crust option for no charge when I arrived to pick it up so I went for it.

I haven't had Little Caesars' sausage since I was a child back when their gimmick was the successful "Pizza! Pizza!" where you essentially bought two pizzas for the price of one. I imagine the sausage must have changed in the 10-plus years in between but I can't really remember.

Regardless, the sausage was good. It's not the ideal coarsely-ground, loosely-formed stuff at nicer places, but it was juicy and flavorful with a pinch of herby flavor. It was a little gummy though but I've found that to be the norm among the big chains. They didn't skimp on the coverage either (it probably helped that I wasn't paying $5 for a pizza).

The cheese had a nice bit of gooey stretch that I've often found lacking as of late with chain pizzas and the sauce was a simple tomato sauce without too many distractions.

The crust was the weakest portion here. It was soft, dense, chewy, and a little spongy like bread... fresh-baked bread but it wasn't very pizza-ish. There wasn't any of the irregular air pockets and not a hint of crispness to be found. It was soft from crust to core. The stuffed crust ended up feeling like a generic cheese-filled breadstick. The saving grace was the buttery parmesan "crazy crust" which added a much welcome hit of flavor.

Overall, the Stuffed Crust was just too bready for my liking. I would definitely get the sausage again though and can always get Crazy Bread for the same flavor sans the cheese.

Nutritional info not available.


  1. I never found their stuffed crust to be as good as Pizza Hut's.. but it's not too bad when Little Caesar's is your most convenient option and you don't want to spend too much. Sausage is an interesting choice, I almost always stick with pepperoni there.. maybe I'll give that topping a chance sometime. Nice review.

  2. Yeah, I usually go with pepperoni as well, but thought I'd try something else on the day. Thanks for reading!


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