Aug 6, 2013

News: Jamba Juice - New Whole Grain Boost

Just in case you want to add some whole grains to your smoothie, Jamba Juice has added a new Quaker-branded whole grain boost option for 25 cents extra.

The Quaker Whole Grains Boost is a scoop of finely-ground oats good for one serving (16 grams) of whole grains.

The new boost is part of a new "Whole Food Boosts" platform that also includes the Greek Yogurt Boost and Chia Seeds Boost.

The Greek Yogurt Boost features a scoop of non-fat Greek yogurt good for twice the amount of protein as regular yogurt and the same live active cultures to help support digestive health. It's also good for a ¼ cup serving of fat-free dairy.

The Chia Seeds Boost consists of a scoop of whole chia seeds (probably best known from this) that provides fiber and Omega-3 fatty acids to support heart health.

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