Aug 2, 2013

News: Yogurtland's New Flavor Features Spinach and Marvin the Martian

Photo: Yogurtland
Yogurtland is currently featuring a slew of Looney Toons-inspired flavors through September 15, and the latest flavor offers both spinach and Marvin the Martian.

The recently introduced Kosmic Fruit Kaboom sorbet was inspired by Marvin the Martian and is thus a suitably green sorbet made with pineapple, lime, banana, and spinach. It also makes the flavor the first commercially available soft serve sorbet to feature a vegetable.

To round out the theme, Kosmic Fruit Kaboom can be had inside a collectible Marvin the Martian cup and eaten with a Marvin the Martian spoon.

For an added twist, it can be topped with green Pop Rocks (to supply the "Kaboom") for an extra 59 cents.

If you want to up the vegetable quotient, Yogurtland has been offering shredded carrots as the company's first vegetable topping since July.  It's a suggested pairing with the Bugs Bunny-themed Carrot Cake frozen yogurt.

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