Aug 14, 2013

News: KFC Tests KFC eleven Fast Casual Concept

KFC is testing a fast casual concept dubbed "KFC eleven" (for the 11 secret herbs and spices of the Colonel's Original Recipe) with a recently opened location over in Louisville, Kentucky.

Similar to Chipotle and Subway, the new restaurant features a cafeteria-style, made-to-order setup.

Besides the chain's Boneless Original Recipe chicken (bone-in chicken is not sold at KFC eleven) and Crispy Bites, the menu also includes customizable sandwiches, flatbreads, salads, and rice bowls. In addition to boneless fried chicken, grilled chicken is also an option.

Some of the decidedly 'un-KFC' flavor profiles include Caribbean Tango, Southwestern Baja, and Sweet Orange Ginger. New sides include garlic mashed potatoes and waffle fries and the drink selection offers smoothies and "freezes" in addition to the standard fountain drinks.

The folks at KFC were kind enough to send me a graphic of the menuboard and you can check it out below:

You can also view the full menu online on the KFC eleven website. You'll notice that most entrees fall between $5 to $7, which seems to be the sweet spot for the fast casual sector.

Beyond the different menu and flavors, the Colonel is notably absent in the new concept's logo and has been replaced by the silhouette of a chicken in front of what looks to be a fence (or possibly a grill).

The concept is not meant as a possible replacement for KFC restaurants, but rather a different appeal to consumers. If the test does well, you may see a KFC eleven near you someday.

Photos: KFC


  1. The menU sounds gross. Everything has a million extra things in it. I want a rice bowl not a bowl of rice and salad. And who wants flatbread with their meal instead of a biscuit? Blah.

  2. sounds delicious to me. I'd probably take this over regular KFC any day.

  3. Looks just fine. I wouldn't mind trying it. As far as the no biscuit it's not that big of a deal. KFC does have good biscuits but not as good as Popeyes.

  4. I'm surprised the regular KFC's don't have a sandwich like the "Original 11". For a chicken only place, KFC's sandwich choices seem limited to me. I don't think its even possible to get one with tomatoes on it at the regular KFC's.

  5. "The folks at KFC were kind enough to send me a graphic of the menuboard."
    I wish they'd also be kind enough to send you to KY to check it out in person and report back to us what you thought.

  6. I agree... the most interesting parts of this menu to me are the sandwiches and the sides, they sound pretty good.


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