Aug 31, 2013

Around the World: McDonald's Singapore offers new Aloo Tiki Burger

McDonald's Singapore offers their first vegetarian burger with the new, limited-time Aloo Tikki Burger. 

Originating from McDonald's India, the Aloo Tikki features a potato and peas patty with spices coated with breadcrumbs ("aloo tikki" is Indian for "potato croquette"), sweet tomato mayo, onions, and a slice of tomato on a standard McDonald's hamburger bun.

While it's a vegetarian burger, it may not be suitable for all vegetarians as it's prepared in the same kitchen as various meat products.

The burger is being introduced as part of McDonald's Singapore's "Everyday Savers Menu" and is priced at $2 SG (~$1.57 US). Also new to the menu for a limited time are Curry Drumlets and a Butterscotch Sundae.

The Curry Drumlets feature fried chicken wing drumlets coated with curry powder and are available at $2 SG for two pieces and $9.50 SG (~$7.45 US) for 10 pieces.

The Butterscotch Sundae is a cup of vanilla soft serve topped with butterscotch syrup for $1.50 SG (~$1.18 US).

It should be noted that McWings are a normal menu item at a number of McDonald's restaurants in Asia and Southeast Asia.


  1. Though I know I'll never have it, that Aloo Tiki burger is probably pretty alright

  2. Come on gay couples everywhere - make your reservations now, take up space,. and don't get a thing. That'll show Hate-fil-A what happens when they interject themselves into political issues.

  3. Right? I don't think Indian food is popular enough in the States to see it here.


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