Aug 24, 2013

Around the World: McDonald's Norway Celebrates 30 Years with Anniversary Burger

McDonald's is celebrating 30 years in Norway by offering two menu items featuring Norwegian favorites: a special Anniversary Burger made with Jarlsberg cheese and a McFlurry made with Friea brand Norwegian milk chocolate.

The Anniversary Burger comes with a 100% Norwegian beef patty, ciabatta-style bun, grilled onions, cranberry sauce, McFeast sauce (it looks like mayo), three strips of bacon,  lettuce, and Jarlsberg cheese.

The Friea Milk Chocolate McFlurry features vanilla soft serve mixed with Friea milk chocolate pieces and chocolate sauce.

Here's the promo spot for the McDonald's Norway 30th Anniversary campaign:


  1. This burger costs 132kr, which is nearly $22 USD. People in Norway are willing to pay over $20 for a McDonalds burger.

  2. I'd be more curious as to how the price compares to a regular local burger in Norway because I don't know how much the average Norwegian makes in kr a year.

    It seems to cause a little more than twice as much as a Big Mac in Norway though. So I'd have to guess it would be roughly a $7 burger if they sold it here (which basically means they would never sell it here).

  3. Wandering ChopsticksMonday, August 26, 2013

    That's about right for the higher end fast food burgers in Norway. Last summer, my chicken salsa, like the McChicken but with nacho chips and salsa, was 22 kroner ($3.64 USD) and that was the equivalent of the dollar menu. Nine-piece chicken nuggets were 87 kroner ($14.41 USD). Chicken nuggets didn't come to Norway until the late 1990s? I've eaten at the first McDonald's in Norway too! In Oslo. There's even a sign proclaiming it's the first.

    "Cheap" dining out for Oslo ie. ethnic non-fast food restaurants is about $20 a dish. Pho was $17 a bowl! A banh mi was $8! Also, Norway has absurdly high taxes and tip built into those prices.

  4. I don't think I can ever afford to go to Norway.


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