Aug 29, 2013

News: Arby's - New Snack 'N Save Value Menu

Arby's has changed up their value menu and renamed it the new Snack 'N Save menu. The menu contains 13 items ranging from $1 to $2.99 in price.

The ranged pricing is reminiscent of recent efforts by Wendy's (Right Size Right Price Menu) and McDonald's (Extra Value Menu) to expand their value menu price points.

The items included on the menu are:

- Jr. Bacon Cheddar Melt
- Jr. Roast Beef Sandwich
- Mighty Minis
- Jr. Ham & Cheese
- Curly Fries
- Steakhouse Onion Rings
- Mozzarella Sticks - 4 pieces
- Jalapeno Bites - 5 pieces
- 16-ounce Drink
- Apple Slices
- Chocolate Molten Lava Cake
- 12-ounce Shakes
- Turnover (available in Chocolate, Cherry, or Apple)

Prices aren't listed on the Arby's website so they probably vary with location.

The menu was in test earlier this year. Sadly the hash brown sandwich didn't make it.


  1. Adding bacon to the cheddar melt is one of the best decisions Arby's ever made.

  2. When do this start? The Mighty Minis, and Cheddar Bacon Melts sound good to me.


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