Aug 29, 2013

News: Evolution Fresh Juice and Snacks Now at Whole Foods Markets

Starbuck's Evolution Fresh brand of cold-pressed juices and new Evolution Fresh Harvest snacks are now available nationwide at Whole Foods Market.

The Whole Foods' Evolution Fresh drink selection includes 12 popular juices as well as two exclusive juices: Organic Ruby Roots and Organic Sweet Burn.

Cold-pressed juices are produced using high pressure processing without heat pasteurization. The process retains vitamins and nutrients that are typically lost through heat pasteurization, while at the same time extending the shelf-life of the juice beyond a glass of fresh-squeezed you might make at home.

Prices range from $2.99 to $6.99 for a 15.2 fl oz bottle.

The new Evolution Harvest snack platform offers snacks bars, trail mixes, and fruit snacks. While three snack bars are already available at Whole Foods, Starbucks plans to have a full line-up available at Starbucks U.S. locations this fall.

Photo: Evolution Fresh