Aug 18, 2013

Around the World: McDonald's India - New Crispy Veggie Pops

In a decidedly Indian take on the McBites platform, McDonald's recently introduced new Crispy Veggie Pops in India.

In a country with a large vegetarian population, the new bite-sized fritters fit right in with a filling of potatoes and spinach in a spicy, breaded shell.

But meat eaters aren't left in out in the cold either as there's a chicken version, Crispy Chicken Pops, with a seasoned filling of what looks to be shredded chicken inside of a crispy shell.

The Pops bear more than a passing resemblance to Fish McBites previously offered here in the US and trade at 25 rupees (~$0.41 US) for an order of six of the veggie version and 30 rupees (~$0.49 US) for the same of the chicken version. Unlike the McBites, they don't seem to be meant for dipping.

Here's the commercial for the new Crispy Veggies Pops:

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