Aug 21, 2013

Review: Taco Bell - Very Berry Waffle Taco Test

Taco Bell's Very Berry Waffle Taco is a test item currently being sold at a select few Taco Bell locations in Orange County. It features a waffle taco shell bent into a close approximation of a crunchy taco shell and folded around whipped cream, strawberries, and blueberries.

I paid 79 cents for one.

It's actually fairly small; maybe a little bigger than a Twinkie?

The waffle shell was a little oily, a little stale, and fairly bland; like an Eggo waffle but not as sweet and not fresh out of the toaster. I would have preferred it to be either sweet or savory and for the waffles to be toasted to order.

Like the waffle taco shell without, the whipped cream and berries within came off being bland. I thought the berries would be fresh but they look like part of a compote or something. Unfortunately, they didn't really taste like part of a compote or much of anything. The sweet and tart of the berries were largely missing in action here.

Overall, Taco Bell's Very Berry Waffle Taco test comes off very plain and just plainly needs more work. As it stands, it's largely forgettable.

Nutrition not available.


  1. Taco bell sucks.

  2. This looks like it sucks.. but Taco Bell is great haha.

  3. They should really just stick with tacos..


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